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TENCAL's Experienced Asset Managers

Tencals principals have substantial experience identifying, evaluating, acquiring, developing, financing, operating and managing investment real estate. Each TENCAL portfolio property is managed on a daily basis by experienced property management and leasing specialists. TENCAL's principals receive monthly reports from property managers and, working together, resolve any issues that may arise concerning specific properties. This arrangement has proven successful and has provided an effective model for smooth management of properties and retention of tenants.

Theodore J. Schwartz (Principal)

Having developed long standing relationships with the major commercial real estate brokerage firms in the United States, TENCAL's deal flow provides continuous real estate investment opportunities. TENCAL’S qualification process is exhaustive and selective, protecting investor’s principal while providing solid returns.
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Rick Botts

Mr. Botts is liaison between investors and service providers. These include management firms, lenders and accountants. Duties include reporting, web site development and maintenance, and Marketing.
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